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Online Marketing for Local Contractors

As a successful contractor, you’ve probably tested:

  • Referrals – The best type of “hot lead”
  • Local Branding – Logos on trucks & lawn signs
  • Relationships – Partnering with other contractors or joining local organizations
  • Print Advertising – Newspaper and magazine advertisements
  • Direct Mail – Postcards, flyers, door hangers
  • Commercials – TV & radio advertisements

But if someone finds you online, how will they know you’re the best?

You must adapt to connect with the next generation of homeowners!


Client Case Study

Just last year, my top two clients in South Jersey achieved the following numbers combined:

Website Visits



Google Search

Keep in mind, this doesn’t include ANY paid advertising…

…or calls from other places online like Google Maps!

I’m not here to guarantee you identical results.

In fact, I tell all clients…

Don’t believe ANYONE who guarantees ANYTHING with Google.

They change their search “algorithm” almost daily, and neither you nor I can fully predict the future.

But more people are finding local contractors through Google search and Facebook referrals.

When they search for your company…

You gotta show up AND leave a positive impression!

What happens if you don’t?

That prospective customer may find negative reviews on 3rd-party websites like BBB or Yelp — then they’ll go directly to one of your competitors.

Partner with a Local Marketing Expert

If you’re successful offline, I’ll get your brand in front of people online.

You’ll get a 100% mobile-friendly, professional website that looks just as good (maybe better) on an iPhone as it does on a computer.

Plus, it will attract more eyeballs from Google.

Most importantly?

Your website is designed to convert website visitors into quality leads!

How Am I Different from Big Companies?

  • I am focused on the home service industry and understanding online marketing challenges to contractors.
  • I have over a decade of experience working with local business owners, giving me a unique perspective of how a website generates leads.
  • A core value is staying small because (1) I enjoy working with you, and (2) big companies can't adapt to the pace of change on the internet when new shifts occur.
  • The goal is to make your life easier by maintaining your professional brand online and matching it offline with custom logo goods such as lawn signs, shirts, hoodies, and much more!