Are You Losing Customers to Your Contractor Competitors?

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As a successful contractor, you know plenty of marketing tactics. You’ve probably tested:

  • Referrals – The best type of “hot lead” due to your superior craftsmanship
  • Local Branding – Logos on trucks, lawn signs, community sponsorships
  • Relationships – Partnering with contractors, business owners and organizations
  • Print Advertising – Newspaper and magazine advertisements
  • Direct Mail – Postcards, flyers, door hangers, and sales letters
  • Commercials – TV & radio advertisements

However, in order to stay #1 and create a business that you can pass to your children, you must adapt to the next generation of homeowners.

Fewer folks are using Yellow Pages and reading newspapers, while more people are finding local contractors through Google and Facebook.

In the last 2 years, my client DJK Roofing from Moorestown, NJ has had 600+ leads through their “Free Estimate” website contact form. Keep in mind, this doesn’t include phone call leads.

I’m not here to guarantee you identical results. But you need to be there when these people want your service.

And you absolutely have to show up when they search for your business name.

If not, that prospective customer may find negative reviews on websites like BBB or Yelp, and go directly to one of your competitors!

Responsive Web Design for Contractors

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Ready for the good news?

We will get you online with a 100% mobile-friendly, professional website that will look just as good on an iPhone and tablet as it does on a computer.

It’s built to attract visitors from Google, gain their trust, and drive quality leads to you via phone and e-mail.

With our “Pro” package, we fully manage your profile across the web on directories like Angie’s List, Yelp, Facebook, Houzz, and others.

With our “Elite” advertising package, we guarantee traffic to your website each month from the towns you select. These are the people searching Google that have an immediate need for your service.

We also have experience with creative and hyper-local targeting using Facebook ads, website banner ads, and YouTube video ads.

If your business is successful offline, we will get your brand in front of more people online.

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What Makes Drive Web Design Different?

I work directly with all clients, providing infinitely better service than the “big guys” with more affordable setup and monthly rates compared to an online marketing agency.

  • I am 100% focused on the residential home services industry and understand the challenges of online marketing to homeowners
  • I have 8+ years experience working closely with DJK Roofing and other local contractors, giving me a unique perspective of how to generate more leads in this industry
  • I write a monthly client newsletter educating you on what works to push your website higher in Google
  • I don’t work with everyone, in fact, I plan to stay small because I enjoy working with clients personally and value flexibility in our approach to your success
  • I have a degree in computer engineering, which allows me to easily deconstruct other successful contractor’s digital strategy and test new ideas faster than average competitors
  • I want to make your life easier by giving you the most reputable presence online while keeping you up to date on new tech trends specific to your business

Why wait any longer?

Contact me today to discuss how we can help your business get noticed by local homeowners online.


Ray DelVecchio
Owner, Drive Web Design

P.S. I do not work with my client’s local competitors – your long-term success is our #1 goal. However, your competitors may read this letter today, too.

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