Our Process

We have a highly personalized approach to building websites.  In our experience, that is the only way you can outperform your competitors on the internet today.

Bigger website companies will sell you on their brand but the service behind the scenes is inferior at best, and intolerable at worst. They offer cookie-cutter templates being used by every type of business/industry under the sun, with no expertise in what it actually takes to generate traffic and convert those visitors into customers.

Plus, their customer service is more often than not outsourced, so you don’t have a knowledgeable point-of-contact for advice or questions. It’s usually someone reading from their company manual, offering no online marketing expertise.

Take a look at our process, and you’ll see why you are on the way to dominating your contractor competitors in your local area.

Step #1: Register Domain or Free Review

If you don’t have a website, register your domain for 1-year at only $9.99 – no strings attached.

If you have a website, we will review it for you and provide recommendations on how to improve it.

Step#2: Pick Your Package

We offer 3 packages for you to consider.

We often recommend starting with the Basic package, and upgrading when the time is right for you. All packages include a modern and mobile-friendly design, along with a photo gallery to showcase your work.

To begin, you pay a one-time setup fee and the 1st month’s payment is due on the day we launch your website.  That’s all we require and there are never any contracts, only month-to-month commitments.

Step #3: Design Phase

Next, we need to gather information about your business to use on the website – this can be done through a survey or a simple phone call.

With your vision and our knowledge, we will build you a completely professional website that will look just as good on an iPhone as it does on a desktop computer.

Step #4: On-Going Maintenance & Support

We like to build a relationship with you, and we want to learn about what makes your business tick. Because of this, we are open to tinkering and testing your website – whether it’s an idea from you or something we’ve learned along the way.

Plus we make adding photos and text to your website as painless as possible. Simply e-mail, call, or even text message any changes that you want!

Step #5: Online Marketing

If you select the Elite package, we will go to work to drive qualified leads to your website through Google and Facebook advertising.

Each month you will receive a report of website traffic, how visitors got to your website, and how many submitted your contact form for a project quote/estimate.

As we continue to gather data over time, we will optimize your campaigns to ensure you are getting calls from the right people in the right locations, improving your return on investment.

Turn Around Time

This can range from 5 to 15 business days. It ultimately depends on both of us working together to put content and design in place.

In our experience, the longest delay comes from a lack of communication or a lack of content to use on the website.

This means that it is up to you to send us wording and photos for each web page!