Domain Name Registration

Once you know that you need a website, the first step of the process is domain registration. Your domain name is your address on the internet, so make sure you choose it wisely.

A good domain name usually has the following characteristics:

  • Short and sweet – If you want your visitors to remember your domain name, it’s best to keep it short and to the point. A short domain name is much more memorable and visitors are more likely to spell the domain correctly.
  • Reflects your intentions – When your customers can determine what your business does just by looking at your domain name, you have chosen wisely. If branding is your concern, you will want to choose the name of your business as your domain name. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to use keywords or phrases related to your business. For example, incorporates the name of the company and what they do.
  • DOT COM – If you are unsure of what extension to use for your domain name (such as .com, .net, . org), go with the most popular: .COM. It’s what nearly every internet user types in by default when visiting a website, so if the .COM domain is available, go ahead and take it.