Main Benefits of a Website

Apr 23, 2014 | SEO, Websites

I come across it all the time, clients that don’t fully comprehend how a website can help them. It’s not their fault – they are doing great work offline and getting the majority of their business through referrals and other offline methods.

However, having a website is much more than a simple brochure. This is what we see as the most important benefits of a company website.

  • The Digital World – You may use yard signs and Yellow Pages, but more people are finding contractors online – and you need to be there to get that business!
  • 5 Second Test – After visiting your website, customers should know who you are, what you do and how to get in touch with you in 5 seconds
  • Only Property You Own – You can have accounts at Facebook, LinkedIn or elsewhere – but you don’t own them like a website
  • Information 24/7 – People are online at all hours during the day, and when looking for a contractor they will often research you before calling
  • Represent Your Business – When a resident searches for your company, if you don’t have a website they may be led to incorrect info – or worse, a bad review on a 3rd party site like Yelp or BBB
  • Positive First Impression – The prospective customer will correlate the look of the website with the quality of your craftsmanship with home projects
  • Establish Trust – Surveys clearly indicate that people trust a company website over information from a 3rd party site, and you can enhance this by proudly displaying your past work
  • Eliminate Fear – When people are  making major changes to their house, they want to know their contractor is trustworthy, knowledgeable and friendly – and all this can be communicated through positive reviews from happy clients
  • Earn Free Traffic – Over time as you continue to add content to your website, your Google search rankings will increase therefore increasing your traffic and profits
  • Instant Paid Traffic – Once you have a website, we can setup a campaign at a cost to send traffic from Google immediately
  • Partnership – With us, you’re not just getting a website – you are freeing yourself from learning about constantly changing technologies, web design and online marketing

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