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Main Benefits of a Website

I come across it all the time, clients that don’t fully comprehend how a website can help them. It’s not their fault – they are doing great work offline and getting the majority of their business through referrals and other offline methods.

However, having a website is much more than a simple brochure. This is what we see as the most important benefits of maintaining a company website.

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Transferring Your iTunes Library from PC to Mac

If you have a lot of songs like I do, making sure your iTunes library looks exactly as it did on my previous computer was my primary focus after moving the rest of my important files. ┬áThe process of migrating your iTunes library was not nearly as difficult as I initially anticipated, as long as you have all of your music organized within a single iTunes music folder on your hard drive. ┬áHere is how it’s done:

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Transferring Files from PC to Mac via Ethernet

I had 3 hard drives that I used on my PC – my main operating system drive or C: drive which was 750GB, a USB external 320GB drive with music and media files, and another internal 1TB drive which I used to backup my OS and external drives. My plan was to buy two external cases for my bare internal drives and hook these up to my Macbook via USB, but first I wanted to transfer the files over an ethernet cable since the transfer rate is faster than USB.

Here are the steps to sharing files between your PC and Mac.
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Is Your Website Working For You?

Many contractors neglect a website, or have one but do not understand how it can drive them new local customers. Stop losing online business to competitors, and get started today...

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